I am an NRF rated researcher, Professor and Head of the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Cape Town . I am also affiliated with the Intellectual Property Unit. Before this I lectured at the University of Limpopo (formerly University of the North) and the University of Zimbabwe. Before becoming an academic, I practiced as an attorney at Coghlan, Welsh & Guest.

I teach Company Law, Business Law II, Electronic Law and Intellectual Property (IP)  Law and am involved in research projects that focus on open development, access to knowledge and the promotion of a balanced approach to IP Law. Some of my teaching materials and conference presentations are available on slideshare.

I have a PhD in IP Law from the University of Cape Town, an LLM  from the University of Cambridge and an LLB from the University of Zimbabwe . 

My other webpages are on the academia.edu, LinkedIn and UCT websites. I tweet occasionally as @caro_ncube. I also blog  from infojustice.org and afro-ip (see Afro-IP and infojustice posts page on this site).

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