I am an NRF rated researcher and a Professor in the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Cape Town (UCT). I am also affiliated with the Intellectual Property Unit. I served as Head of the Department of Commercial Law from 2014 -2016 and as of January 2017, serve as Deputy Dean, Postgraduate Studies.

Before joining  UCT, I lectured at the University of Limpopo (formerly University of the North) and the University of Zimbabwe. Before becoming an academic, I practiced as an attorney at Coghlan, Welsh & Guest.

I teach Electronic Law and Intellectual Property (IP)  Law and am involved in research projects that focus on open development, access to knowledge and the promotion of a balanced approach to IP Law. Some of my teaching materials and conference presentations are available on slideshare.

I have a PhD in IP Law from the University of Cape Town, an LLM  from the University of Cambridge and an LLB from the University of Zimbabwe . 

My other webpages are on the academia.edu, LinkedIn and UCT websites. I tweet occasionally as @caro_ncube. I also blog  from infojustice.org and afro-ip (see Afro-IP and infojustice posts page on this site).

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